Nothing like a little pressure!

So today my life dream came true. Having my little rant published on the world famous ladies over at Rants From Mommyland, has made my day, week and possibly year. Now with nearly 300 views of this blog today I feel the pressure to write something interesting. This is way harder than it sounds since, of late, my days have been filled with Millionaire Matchmaker and Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

It’s not like I’m not already under a lot of pressure. My Precious is away at camp. She loves to get mail. EVERY DAY. When she was younger I would write a note for every day and drop them in the camp office when I dropped her off. They were short, and made up. Since I wrote them a week before she even left for camp, I would have to think ahead and make up bunch of stuff that hadn’t happened yet.

With the age of electronics it is now easier. We can send emails that the camp prints out and gives to the girls at lunch. This means I can tell her the actual things I am doing while she is at camp. These are the things that I have written to her so far:

1. I have hired her cousin to paint her room

2. I have been watching Big Brother (for her) and updating her on what is happening in the house. Ditto for The Bachelorette.

3.  There is no number three. I have managed to make those two things into 8 emails.

See the important thing about camp mail is to never mention to the daughter at camp what you are doing with the other one at home. Don’t mention the meals at restaurants, days at the pool, or what new clothes or other “college” necessities you have bought for FirstBorn. Even though Precious is spending her time, shooting rifles, sailing, cooking outdoors and learning how to be a counselor (she is in a training program this summer), and basically having the time of her life, the thought of mom and her debit card at the mall makes her homesick. At least Harry Potter  came out before she left. Last year, FirstBorn was at camp working for the summer and we saw it twice without her.

So, with just over a month left until school begins it is fortunate that I am already on my way to preparing my “What I did with my summer vacation” essay.

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2 Responses to Nothing like a little pressure!

  1. Stopping by after reading your post on RFMM! Loved it, by the way. Well, loved your writing. Not so much the scary things I have to look forward to in our future. 🙂 Your daughters are so pretty. Looking forward to following your blog!

  2. Amy says:

    I’m also stopping over from Rants. Great posts! I’m going to follow you along… to prepare myself for a few years from now when my daughter turns into a teen. She starts kindergarten this fall but one can never begin preparing too soon! LOL

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