Geeks and Camp

My house is full of geekery. The Grillman and Firstborn have both bought themselves new laptops. They ordered them online. Firstborn’s arrived a couple of days ago, but she was so busy running around with her boyfriend that she couldn’t get it setup the first night, SO SHE HID IT! She knew her dad would be all over it and she wanted to be the first to..what I don’t know. Touch the keyboard? Press the on button?

This week has been focused on getting Precious ready for camp. A couple of years ago I perfected the camp packing. No suitcases. Rubbermaid containers work best.  Not only does it carry your clothes but it also works as a step onto the top bunk and as a bench. I also like to pack their clothes in big plastic bags with a dryer sheet in them. When you have been at camp a few weeks  nothing smells better than a fresh from the dryer tshirt. But, Precious has a new plan. She bought a new plastic 5 drawer thing. For some reason she thinks this will be convenient. I think it will be hard to get to her cabin.

My kids love camp. But sometimes they have the craziest ideas. Like not taking water activities. Whuck! That is crazy. For years FB wouldn’t take riflery because it was too buggy on the rifle range. WHUCK? Camp is in the woods of Maine, bugs are everywhere.

This year we have the Celiacs challenge. How to get through the 3 weeks of camp will be interesting. Precious is bringing along a tub full of alternative foods for days when the camp food just won’t work. From the looks of the tub she will be there until October.

I, on the other hand, will have to fill 3 weeks of daytime. I will be alone all day for three weeks. what will I do? It will be a challenge to choose between watching every episode of Gilmore Girls, mastering the latest game from Big Fish, or sitting by the pool. Oh wait, I forgot. I will be painting Precious’ room. Last time I painted her room I declared it would be the last time I would ever paint. She thinks differently.

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