We all have our personal phobias or fears. At times these may make us act in what may be an irrational manner. Dogs are often lauded for their uncanny loyalty, intelligience, and by dogs I mean, other people’s dogs. My dogs have more phobias and fears than anyone on Hoarders.

KitKat is an 8 year old border collie mix. She is afraid of loud noises. It’s probably not uncommon for dogs to be afraid of gunfire and fireworks. When she was a puppy she ran off down a rural highway and was lost overnight when a car backfired. If the phone rings she takes off like a rocket(of which she is afraid) for our bedroom, her “safe” spot. This has lead us to turn the ringers off on our handsets which in turn means we can never find a phone.

From what I hear, most dogs eat their food with the ferocity of a piranha. Not Kit. She will only eat her food in the middle of the night, after making sure we are in our rooms. Most of the time she refuses treats.

She is also inexplicably afraid of tile floors, our front hallway and crossing thresholds.

Oddly, with all these quirks you would expect that out in the dog world she would be the nerd dog. But she is surprisingly an alpha dog, the leader of the pack. She defends her honor in smackdown playfights with dogs larger and fiercer than her. She can outrun every dog that is up to the challenge, literally running circles around them with her border collie agility.

What makes a dog that is annoyingly afraid of things a pack leader in the wilds of the dog park?


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