Seriously, is this almost over?

More driving with Precious today.

Before teaching her how to drive, I though the handle above the window was for dry cleaning. Now I know that it is the only thing between me and disaster. I keep a death grip on the handle thinking that somehow it will save me when the time comes.

I keep thinking that she isn’t paying attention. She claims this isn’t true, while singing along to the radio, talking about how cute her boyfriend is and discussing what to wear to Fire and Ice. Today we were barreling down the road going 30 miles per hour, and it was obvious that the road was closed for some reason. This was clear to me due to the large orange signs and cones blocking the road. And although I have lost my glasses and therefore couldn’t read them, I expected she could read and would slow down. Finally, in a calm voice, I say, “THE ROAD IS CLOSED AREN’T YOU GOING TO STOP!!!” Precious slams on the break, apparently, shocked that any road could ever be closed. We now sit, stopped, in the road in front of the barriers. Nothing happens. After like an hour, (ok, 10 long seconds) while I wait for her to back up, turn around, SOMETHING, she inquires what to do.

Now come on, she is a smart girl, but is there really so much to learn about driving? Wouldn’t turning around be an automatic response? This baffles me.

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2 Responses to Seriously, is this almost over?

  1. Kim says:

    what do clam voices sound like?DEERP

  2. Clam voices are very small, and calm.

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