Lovin’ my Sundays

When my kids were little Sundays were the worst day of the week. Somehow, no matter what time I got up, getting all 4 of us dressed and to church without wanting to kill the other three was impossible. After church, the kids were tired and cranky but the snappy nap in the car on the ride home would keep them from taking a real nap. For years, I would pack up on a Sunday afternoon and head out to my mom’s where I could take a nap while Granny played with the kids.

Today was one of those glorious payback days. My Precious was part of the worship team at church this morning. I love hearing her sing and I love seeing her loving God. I came home and read a book, for hours and hours. I fell asleep on a chaise lounge in the back yard. My husband smoked some ribs for dinner and we topped it off with a bonfire and s’mores.¬† Seriously, how did I ever deserve such a wonderful day.

When I was slogging through the toddler years, the elementary years and the middle school years, I never suspected that these days of beauty and goodness would come my way. Take heart! Better days will come. Worse days will come too, we can’t stop that but someday a gentile summer breeze will blow through your Sunday afternoon.



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1 Response to Lovin’ my Sundays

  1. Bitsy says:

    Hm. A gentile breeze? You are brilliant!

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