A few random things

On the way back to our pew today after taking communion, Precious tripped over the entire rack of chimes and set them ringing. It sounded beautiful. There was also this nice little girl in line for communion that loved the song that was playing. She danced the entire way up to the altar. I hope she does that again because I loved it.

After church the girls drove home in my car and I rode with Grillman. We decided to go out to lunch and figured the girls would be sad we hadn’t told them. But when we came home they had switched cars and disappeared. Dumping us so they could go out for lunch. So much for our trickery.

I really want to go out and make a snowman or a snow fort but I don’t want to get cold or wet. I may pay the kids to do it when they come home.

Enjoy your day. I’m loving mine.

p.s. Go Pats!

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