Welcome to my new blog Criminelli. I have know idea how prevalent the word criminelli is to the rest of the world but for generations this has been an expletive of choice our family. It can mean “Oh bother.”, “Ouch that really hurt!”,”F&%$*” or whatever you need to express. . It really depends on the situation but I can attest it is pretty hard to stay mad after exclaiming “Criminelli!!!”

Every family has their own language. Another Cobb family favorite is “frakesen”.  My dad started using frakesen when I was a young girl. With three daughters in the house he was often just tired of answering our crazy questions. When frakesen was the answer it was usually a good time to go find something else to do.

My mom has a few things she likes to say. “Hot as blue blazes” is a common term that can be used for anything hot.  The temp outside, or inside, a spicy food, it doesn’t really matter. Criminelli is one of my mom’s best words.

One of our favorite phrases is a threat she once made to us when we were young that we still use to this day. We lived in TN at the time and my oldest sister was in college. On this particular day my sister was coming home from college and, I think, she had never been to our house before. (We moved around every 1-3 years.)  the two of us at home didn’t particularly miss her or care that she was coming home but it was an excuse to make a banner declaring “Welcome Home!” and hang it from the second floor balcony.  In the process of hanging the banner, and probably, throwing things back and forth to each other from floor to floor, we broke a LARGE branch off my mom’s rubber plant.  It was perhaps 4 feet in length with giant leaves. Befitting our ages (11 and 16), we decided to sit the branch in the tree as if everything was fine and profess innocence if asked.

Of course it took all of 5 minutes before my mother noticed. I don’t think I had ever seen her so angry.  In fact, I don’t remember my mom yelling at us as kids except for this particular incidence. She was complaining how we are always breaking her things and we have no regard for other people’s property getting more and more hysterical, searching for the perfect possession of ours that she was going to ruin. And then it came out, “I’m going to jerk your horses heads off!!”.  Jerk our horses heads off?  That was her threat? Of course in our heads we could picture her out there grabbing one of those horses huge necks and trying to yank it off. What could we do but laugh? Laughing was not a good response. I don’t remember what punishment actually came our way but you can bet (when my mother isn’t around),  we still bring it up and laugh.

This blog will be about these things. The stuff I notice every day, the crazy things that make my family unique, and whatever else that comes to mind. I hope you read it once in a while.

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